U.S. House of Representatives Candidates

Here are the results of the Aug. 30 primary. Candidates who were unopposed in the primary are listed after these results.

District 7 Republican Primary

✓John Mica, 77.1%

Mark Busch, 22.9%


District 9 Democratic Primary

✓Darren Soto, 36.3%

Susannah Randolph, 28.2%

Dena Grayson, 27.8%

Valleri Crabtree, 7.7%

District 9 Republican Primary

✓Wayne Liebnitzky, 67.6%

Wanda Rentas, 32.4%

District 10 Democratic Primary

✓Val Demings, 57.1% 

Geraldine Thompson, 20.1%

Bob Poe, 17.0% 

Fatima Rita Fahmy, 5.8% 

U.S. House of Representatives District 7 – Stephanie Murphy (D, Unopposed in primary)

U.S. House of Representatives District 10 – Thuy Lowe (R, Unopposed in Primary)