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Stephanie Murphy
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Stephanie Murphy

Stephanie Murphy

District for which candidate is running
District 7
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Current Occupation
Business Executive at Sungate Capital, Instructor at Rollins College
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
M.S. Foreign Service, Georgetown University
B.A. Economics and International Relations: East Asia, College of William & Mary
Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
Support Our Scholars, Scholarship Committee
Creative City Project, board member
Council on Foreign Relations, term member program alumna
Atlantic-Brucke Young Leaders Program, alumna
An estimated 300,000 people have died from gun violence between 2004 and 2014. Do you believe the Second Amendment leaves any room for limits on gun rights? If so, please outline what those limits should be. (limit 150 words)
As someone who is running to represent an Orlando-based district devastated by the worst mass shooting in American history, we must act to keep weapons of mass casualty out of the hands of those who wish to wreak havoc on our communities. I support the Second Amendment, but I believe the Constitution allows for reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment just like it does on the First Amendment and others. For instance, I support universal background checks to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, suspected terrorists and the dangerously mentally ill. I also support “no fly, no buy” because if you can’t board an airplane, then you shouldn’t be able to purchase a weapon. These are commonsense gun security measures that are overwhelmingly supported by the American people.
Some 30 million Americans remain uninsured. Would you support or oppose the Affordable Healthcare Act as currently written? Explain why you would support its continuation or what kind of plan, if any, should replace it. (limit 150 words)
Access to quality, affordable health care is a right for every American, and we should always search for ways to improve access and affordability. The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but millions of Americans now have health care because of it. Instead of repealing it without a solution to replace it, we should work to improve the law, such as finding a way to make it more affordable for small businesses.
Some presidential candidates have said they would favor getting rid of the U.S. Department of Education. Explain what kind of role you believe the federal government should play in education and what federal education policies you would support or oppose. (limit 150 words)
The federal government should ensure every child has access to a quality education free from discrimination in any form. However, I believe most curriculum decisions should be made at the state and local levels. The federal government should also do everything it can to make college more affordable and accessible for more families. Finally, we must do more to support STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math) in our public schools and to support our community colleges and technical schools that are so often centers of entrepreneurship and career training for those transitioning between careers.
The U.S. debt is approaching $20 trillion, and interest payments on the debt were $223 billion in 2015. What measures would you support to reduce the annual budget deficit that contributes to the national debt? (limit 150 words)
As a businesswoman and executive who has worked in the private sector for a number years and who counsels and mentors small businesses and startup companies, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and sound fiscal management. Businesses can’t sustain spending more than they take in and they certainly cannot borrow beyond their means – and neither should the federal government. First, we must adopt a balanced budget constitutional amendment. Then, we should continue to enforce pay-as-you-go laws that require every new non-Defense discretionary spending investment to be fully paid for. We must also restore line-item veto authority to the president, reform entitlement programs, and require Members of Congress to pass a budget on time every year or they don’t get paid.
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(407) 900-0945