Candidate Name
   Tom Keen
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Tom Keen

Educational Background (limit 75 words)
  – University of Cincinnati, Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Political Science
– Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia, Executive Program
– Defense Systems Management College, Program Management Course
– 21-Year Naval Flight Officer Career
Current Occupation
   Aerospace Training and Simulation Executive
Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
– Member, Leadership Orlando Class #89
– Member, Orlando Mayor’s City Academy, 2016
– Board of Directors, Science Central
– Laureate Park Master Association (HOA) 
– Member, American Legion
– Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 5582 (Lifetime Member)
What are the three top challenges facing the Orlando City Council? Briefly describe how you would address these challenges. (limit 150 words)
  1. Growth: Our recent growth has brought prosperous businesses, new neighbors, and a vibrant culture that attracts visitors. With this growth comes greater responsibilities. We have to take a proactive approach — one that thinks ahead, and takes into account rapidly evolving needs, both future and present.
2. Safe Communities: With new residents always moving in, we must prioritize maintaining and improving emergency services. We have to make sure that all residents feel safe. We must work tirelessly to be ahead of the curve, not always reacting to things after it’s too late.
Public Service and Building Relationships: The vast majority of people do not know their current commissioner. I want to change this, and bring more people into the process, so that they can feel that their government is truly by and for the people. Leadership here means building long-lasting relationships with constituents and striving to increase every resident’s quality of life.
What is your experience working with large budgets, revenue shortfalls, and oversight? (limit 150 words)
  I have extensive business development and budgeting experience, and have been entrusted to oversee large budgets. I led an acquisition team of 25 civilian and military personnel, managed an annual budget over $12 million. I was the Program Office lead for the planning and development of Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) budgeting. I’ve demonstrated a first-comprehensive vision of requirements spanning over $150 million across the Future Year Defense Program (FYDP). This was first command-wide functionally integrated POM submission worked across multiple program offices in conjunction with the resource sponsor.
What are three things “going right” for Orlando? How will you continue forward progress? (limit 150 words)
  Orlando’s diversity and inclusivity is certainly one thing going right. I want to continue instituting policies that make our diversity an even greater economic driver. It’s all about cultivating this vibrant culture where people of all different backgrounds and persuasions can call Orlando home. Green Works Orlando works to transform Orlando into one of the most environmentally-friendly, economically and socially vibrant communities in the nation. Finally, our growing awareness of what dramatic growth will look like is starting to go in the right direction. We need even more leaders who value planning ahead for unprecedented numbers of new residents.
How do you propose to increase civic engagement? (limit 150 words)
  Civic participation requires accessibility and relevance to people’s lives. We need to engage our entire country by meaningfully reconnecting City and municipal governments to the people they serve. That starts with new, energetic people like me, who are willing to build individual relationships with everyone my decisions would affect. I am running to listen to residents full-time, which means growing networks in a growing city. The solution also includes providing information where people are reading and learning. Besides taking questions from constituents through social media, which I certainly plan to do, I will keep my own public media up-to-date and transparent about City Council activities, especially concerning opportunities for District 1 residents.
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   (407) 900-5668