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Michael Barber
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Michael Barber

Michael Barber

Office and District
Soil & Water District 1
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
Winter Park High School, 2004
University of Central Florida, B.S., 2008
University of Florida, J.D., 2011
Current Occupation
Civic Organizations
Downtown Orlando YMCA, Board of Directors
Opera Orlando, Board of Directors
Orange County Bar Association, Young Lawyer Section, Board of Directors
Orange County Bar Association, Criminal Law Committee, Chairman of the Executive Board
Why are you running for this office and what qualities and skills do you bring to this position? (limit 150 words)
I am running for this office because Orange County is currently facing numerous water and conservation issues that need immediate attention. I was born and raised in Orange County so I see these issues as personal issues for myself and my loved ones. I am confident that I have the experience and organizational skills that are needed to systematically address each issue. Orange County is a growing county that needs to make plans today for the needs of tomorrow. I will fight to implement new water use regulations that are based on current data that account for future growth in order to avoid future water shortages. I will advocate for investments to upgrade the infrastructure of our water treatment facilities to remove excessive nutrients from our runoff water. Specifically, I will push for the creation of new water storage reservoirs to allow for greater recharge to the Florida Aquifer, the creation of new stormwater treatment areas to reduce the amount of nutrients that flow into local lakes and neighboring estuaries, and upgrades to our water treatment plant to create Class A biolsolid fertilizers. Orange County deserves to have leaders who will anticipate and plan for future needs, instead of reacting to each crisis as it unfolds. I also believe that all Orange County citizens deserve access to clean water, and so I advocate for immediate action to provide clean water to all East Orange County residents.
Why is it important to have Soil & Water Districts? (limit 150 words)
Soil and Water Districts play an important, if underappreciated, role in the ongoing political process revolving around soil and water conservation efforts. Soil and water conservation issues are tied up in a web of local, state, and federal agencies that each oversee different parts of water and soil management. It has become the status quo to have soil and water management issues tied up in a web of bureaucracy with little perceivable action ever being taken. Soil and Water Districts can serve as liaisons between the various governmental agencies, and help to advocate for expedition of stalled projects. Soil and Water Districts are important advocates for the local constituents who deserve to have their voices heard by all of the various agencies involved in soil and water management. Unlike the leaders of nearly every other water and soil management agency, Soil and Water District Supervisors are elected officials. They are the only officials directly representing the will of the people in these issues. The leaders of the state and federal agencies involved in water management are appointed officials with little incentive to listen to the questions, concerns, and ideas of the local county residents. I promise that if elected I will listen to my constituents and bring their voices to the appointed officials who are tasked with developing projects to improve soil and water management in and around Orange County.
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(407) 766-2881