Maria Bolton-Joubert
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Maria Bolton-Joubert
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Maria Bolton-Joubert

Maria Bolton-Joubert

Office and District
Soil & Water District 1
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
Dr Phillips High School, Art Magnet. Valencia Community College, Graphics.
Was involved with Florida’s Water & Land Legacy Campaign, Floridian’s Clean Water Declaration Campaign and with Floridians for Solar Choice campaign. Involved with Ban Fracking in Florida campaign, and “No Foam Zone”: polystyrene ban in City of Orlando. Volunteered two years w/rehabilitation center for birds of prey. Volunteered for scientific survey: measure success of threatened Florida Scrub Jays. Volunteer w/Native Plant Society: relocate endangered plants.
Current Occupation
Freelance Artist
Civic Organizations
Former chair of the local environmental group, the Central Florida Sierra Club — have been involved over 6 years now. I am an ADDitions person/volunteer within the Orange County Public School System. I have volunteered and done various logos and flyers probono, for a range of non profits in Central Florida over the last 10 years. I have volunteered over the last 11 months with an after school art program at Barnett Park with elementary age students. I volunteer with the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey — over 6 years now.
Why are you running for this office and what qualities and skills do you bring to this position? (limit 150 words)
I want more awareness, protection and concern for our natural resources. I’ve lived here over 20 years, and I’m passionate about preserving Florida for future generations. I care — this is why I am running for this unpaid position, for Soil & Water, District 1. I already attend the monthly Soil & Water Board meetings. I ask questions and do my research. I have made various suggestions to the County, and I speak with constituents and elevate their concerns to the Mayor and County Commissioners. I am an enthusiastic person, a team player, and an extrovert. I will donate my time and artistic talent and abilities toward educational materials, flyers, billboards — whatever is needed. I love the outdoors, and my husband and I are members of the Orlando Utilities Commission’s (OUC’s) 1st Community Solar Farm. I’m running for this seat because I care, am involved, and will make a difference.
Why is it important to have Soil & Water Districts? (limit 150 words)
Born out of the Dust Bowl disaster of the 1930s, Soil & Water Conservation Boards were created to help farmers make the most out of their land without destroying topsoil or depleting water supplies. I would help look out for our water quality/quantity. Between the very real threats of salt-water intrusion (that is sadly, already happening), fertilizer run-off (that contributes to polluted water ways, algal blooms and fish-kills.) and trying to make sure that Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) stays off the table and out of the state of Florida completely — there is a major need for this Board. They are the watch dogs of the natural resources, and the liaison between the public and the politicians. In my opinion, this position is often over-looked, and more can be done. We need people who CARE on this board and who want to make change.
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(407) 325-4495