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Isadora Dean
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Isadora Dean

Isadora Dean

Running for which School Board District?
District 7
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
– Bachelors Degree from Florida A&M University
– Certified in Home Economics(Family and Consumer Science)
– Exceptional Education
– Endorsed in Reading
Current Occupation
Former Teacher
Civic Organizations
– Apopka Rotary
– Apopka Historical Society
– Board of Orange County Citizens Review Panel for Human Services
– Retired Teachers Association
One challenge for Orange County Public Schools is that many parents are unsure about our public schools. Describe your ideas for improving the public’s confidence in our schools and accountability system. Identify two other challenges facing OCPS and briefly discuss what ideas you have to begin addressing these three challenges.
The public’s confidence can be improved with transparency, honesty, better communication, and through parental involvement. Teachers, parents, support professionals and the community should have a greater voice and teachers should be allowed to teach meaningful learning and safety.

Two challenges facing our public schools are discipline and failing students:
OCPS should do a better job of assisting failing students. The only option for these young people should not be alternative schools, nor the streets. Instead, we should bring back some of the “basics”…literacy, life management skills, technical/career options, provide tutoring, and mentoring in the regular and after-school settings. Community schools should be in districts where greater services are needed.

OCPS should also assist faculty in regards to student discipline. Many parents stress concerns regarding disciplinary actions not being consistently upheld. Disciplinary actions should be excluded from overall school grading.

Orange County’s student population continues to grow faster than funding for public schools. As the Legislature funnels more funding to charter schools and the choice options for parents expand, even fewer dollars are available to fund traditional public schools. What impact do you believe this trend will have on the future of public education?
I believe public schools will be greatly impacted by the expansion of charter schools and school choice:
Funding for public schools will be reduced, expansion will force competition, greater customer service, flexibility and may help level the playing field for parents who need other options for their children.

There may be some really great charters schools and students should receive the best education in the least restrictive setting, however, charter schools should be held to the same standards and accountability as public schools.

What are three things “going right” for Orange County Public Schools? How will you continue forward progress?
Three things going right for Orange County Public Schools are:
Opportunities for students with the right support systems have access to; robotics, dual languages instruction, technology, sports, and the arts; Diversity in leadership; Additional teacher training which allows them to make extra money by participating in additional training to enhance their effectiveness as an educator.

As a school board member, I will continue forward with these practices and look for ways to expanding in order to improve the education of students.

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