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Jerry Demings
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Jerry Demings

Jerry Demings

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Masters of Business Admin. – Orlando College
Bachelor of Science in Finance – FSU
Associate of arts – FSU
Harvard University – JFK School of Government
FBI National Academy 194 Session
FBI National Executive Institute 23 Session
Current Occupation
Elected Sheriff
Civic Organizations
Florida Sheriffs Association – President
Major County Sheriffs Foundation – President
DHS FEMA National Advisory Council
International Association of Police Chiefs
Florida Supreme Court Substance Abuse and Mental Health Task Force
Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity
National Sheriffs Association
Saint Mark AME Church – Steward
Central Florida Boy Scouts executive board
Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida Board
Central Florida YMCA Board of Directors
Children’s Safety Village Board of Directors
Former Little League coach
Former Junior Magic League Coach
Former Florida Governor’s Stand Your Ground Task Force
Orange County Heroin Overdose Task Force
Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation Board
The Florida Civil Citation Program provides a tool for first-time juvenile misdemeanor offenders to participate in an intervention program instead of receiving an arrest record. What changes would you recommend to broaden the program and what additional assets would you commit to service at-risk juveniles?
The Orange County Sheriff‘s Office has lead the efforts in increasing the use of juvenile civil citations in the 9th Judicial Circuit. My agency re-engineered the system process and created new forms for use within the county. The Sheriff‘s Citizens Advisory Committee recommended system improvements that have been adopted. We are working with the school district and prosecutors office to identify suitable cases for referral. In addition, my agency has provided training to all local law enforcement agencies in the use of juvenile civil citations. The Sheriff‘s Office remains the only local L. E. Agency with a truancy unit assigned to the Juvenile Assessment Center. I am a committed member of the JAC Governing Board and have been a member for years.
What are the most significant law enforcement challenges for the Orange County law enforcement community?
The most significant challenge facing 21st Century American policing entails recruitment and retention of personnel in a competitive environment given the backdrop of strained police/community relations across our nation. Secondly, it will remain a challenge to maintain low crime rates in a county with steady resident population growth and strong increases in tourism. Lastly, counterterrorism efforts will remain a significant focus for the foreseeable future.
This past year we saw the introduction of bills that would have allowed concealed weapons permit holders to openly carry their handguns in public. The bills were defeated but will likely return during the 2017 legislative session. What is your position on “open carry” and why?
I remain opposed to new laws that would allow statewide open carrying of firearms. I lobbied against past efforts and will continue such efforts as both the Orange County Sheriff and as current President of the Florida Sheriffs Association.
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Jerry Demings for Sheriff 2016
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