Candidate Name
Mark Anthony Arias
Candidate Photo
Mark Anthony Arias

Mark Anthony Arias

For what position are you running?
County Judge
Which Group?
County, Group 5
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
My family has lived in Orlando for almost fifty years. I grew up on the east side of town, playing sports in Union Park. I attended Good Shepherd Elementary, Bishop Moore High School and the University of Central Florida. I had the privilege of attending Florida State University, College of Law and the honor of being a member of the Law Review. After law school, I worked as an Assistant State Attorney in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit. I prosecuted traffic, misdemeanor and felony cases. Thereafter, I went into private practice and for the past thirteen years I have had my own general practice. I have worked in a variety of fields including but not limited to, Landlord Tenant, Contracts, Business, Criminal Defense and Family Law.
Current Occupation
Attorney/Sole Practitioner
Civic Organizations
The Florida Bar, Orange County Bar Association, member of the Orange County Parks and Recreation Board, member of the Orange County Citizen’s Review Panel, past board member of the Orange Blossom Trail Development Board, past board member for the City of Orlando, Board of Zoning Adjustment.
Describe your philosophy of the judicial role, the qualities that are most important for the role, and the greatest challenges to the role.
To be fair, impartial, neutral, patient, (judicial temperament), and have knowledge of the law. The greatest challenge is probably applying the law or following the sentencing guidelines when the facts warrant something different.
Briefly describe a case or a legal issue on which you worked of which you are particularly proud, or is reflective of your legal ability and work. (limit 150 words)
My career has many moments of which I am very proud but prosecuting criminals was one of the most rewarding times in life. Now, I enjoy helping people set up their business and assisting in its growth and success.
What, in your opinion, is the most important U. S. Supreme Court decision? Why? (limit 150 words)
Marbury v. Madison. First time the Supreme Court of the United States invoked its power in declaring a law passed by Congress as unconstitutional. This decision sets up the system of checks and balances within the federal government.
What do you perceive as the greatest obstacles to justice, if any? Why? (limit 150 words)
The ability for people to remain neutral and impartial despite their natural human tendency and/or learned cultural biases.
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Mark Anthony Arias for Judge
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(321) 239-7347