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Keith Landry
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Keith Landry

Keith Landry

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Former Fox 35 News Anchor
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
I graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a four year B.S. degree in mass communications.
Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
American Cancer Society, Orlando- Board Member
American Cancer Society, Florida Division- Former Board Member
Senior Resource Alliance- Former Board Member
Boot Camp for New Dads- Board Member
Kids Voting Central Florida- Former Board Member
Golden Rule Foundation- Former Board Member
Hosted MADD Law Enforcement Awards Dinner, CFHLA Golden Pineapple Awards, Walk Now for Autism events last nine years
Hosted previous League of Women Voters debates
Hosted Feed the Need Charity event last 2 years to help Christian Service Center
Chairman- First Latino Open
Hosted Orlando Matters TV show 9 years. Discussed community issues, held politicians accountable and gave a voice to local groups working to make our community better.
What will be your 3 most urgent issues? (limit 150 words)
When I serve our citizens as Orange County Comptroller, I will bring an outsider’s perspective and new ideas to an important government agency. I will closely monitor vendor contracts, and I will pre-audit the companies’ invoices before the county pays those bills. I will do that to make sure our citizens are getting the best products and services for their hard earned tax dollars. I will work aggressively to collect the TDT bed tax revenues from people who rent a house or a room in their home to tourists. Our local hotel owners have to pay the six percent TDT bed tax on every hotel room stay, and in some cases the people renting out homes to tourists do not pay it. I will build on the Comptroller’s current agreement with Airbnb to collect that TDT revenue from Airbnb’s competitors I will also set up a team of inspectors in the Comptroller’s office to focus on compliance with this issue. Lastly, I will work to improve technologies within the office so people can file more documents online to save time. This will also reduce paperwork and improve county service response times.
In November, Orange County voters will vote on whether to adopt a charter measure to establish new rules on how to spend revenue raised by the Tourist Development Tax (TDT). Are you in favor of or do you oppose this charter measure? Why or why not? (limit 150 words)
I support the proposed charter amendment on the future use of TDT revenues. The TDT or bed tax generated 226 million dollars last year to promote tourism and improve our Convention Center, museums and other entertainment venues. I think it is good that the charter amendment’s new rules would create a competitive process to evaluate projects hoping to secure TDT revenues. I think it’s also good that the new rules would focus on the return on investment of each proposal for future use of TDT revenues.
As the Comptroller for Orange County, you will be the chief steward of finances. What measures do you support to ensure transparency and the wise use of the county’s revenue?​ (limit 150 words)
I will raise the profile of the Orange County Comptroller’s Office so more people are aware they have a money watchdog looking out for their hard earned money. I will strongly promote the audit division’s Fraud Hotline (407) 836-5775 so county employees and residents know they can call in suspected cases of waste or fraud in our government. I will continue to post check registers online each week so people can examine them for themselves. I will hold two community forums each year where citizens can ask questions about the county’s finances and the work we are doing. I will also promote transparency through social media sites to make our work more accessible to everyone.
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