Candidate Name
Emily Bonilla
Profile Picture
Emily Bonilla

Emily Bonilla

Office And District
Orange County Commission Candidate District 5
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
Associate’s Degree in Film Technology earned at Valencia Community College Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English earned at the University of Central Florida
Master’s in Science in Internet Marketing earned at Full Sail University
Current Occupation
Business Consultant
Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
League of Women Voters
The Sierra Club
East of the Econ (formerly Save East Orlando)
Treasurer and VP of Corner Lake Estates HOA
What are the three top challenges facing the Orange County Commission? Briefly describe how you would address these challenges. (limit 150 words)
Growth, Jobs, Ecosystem

The recent Promesa Bill lowered Puerto Rico’s minimum wage to $4.25 an hour. We will have a projected large increase in migration. The county must grow in a smart and sustainable manner.

I’ll review the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Ordinances for an approach that stays true to holistic planning, assuring infrastructure is in harmony with natural resources, the environment and wildlife ecosystem. In addition, creating a county-wide Job­-to-­Housing Linkage Ordinance to improve the job market.

As an environmentalist, I read and understand development plans and traffic studies. I understand the broken regulatory process for development and how to fix it, know what it’s like to be a business owner in Orange County and tirelessly worked with employers and employees looking to relocate to Orange County. I have the experience to fix our traffic congestion, development issues and bring new “quality” jobs to Orange County.

What is your experience working with large budgets, revenue shortfalls, and oversight? (limit 150 words)
As a former Treasurer of the Corner Lake Estates HOA, I worked with a large budget. When I took over the position as Treasurer, I discovered that our Management company had increased the fees on our residents although they told us they were keeping our fees the same. I discovered the discrepancies because the budget line items did not total with the contracted fees. These fees were not in the reports they presented to me or the board. I had to go through each resident’s account to verify what they had been charged. I asked for additional reports and they refused to provide them. When questioned, they admitted to increasing the fees and blamed changing state regulations. We quickly replaced that management company.

I have a talent for analyzing numbers and patterns. I will make sure Orange County has a balanced and transparent budget.

What are three things “going right” for Orange County? How will you continue forward progress? (limit 150 words)
A Diversity in Living Options – The unique aspect of Orange County is that you can chose to live in city, suburbs or rural areas. I plan to keep these options preserved to continue to attract and keep a diverse set of people in our county.

College Education – There are many options for our children to chose from and can stay at home which makes college education more affordable to families who live in Orange County. However, the growth of these Universities also need to take into account their impact on the residents in the area. I plan to make sure they are developed in a way that doesn’t intrude on the surrounding areas.

Diversity – There’s a rich diversity of people, interests and ideas. I’ll continue to inspire and encourage it in our county. I will also work to add diversity to the industries that can create jobs in Orange County.

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