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Nuren Haider
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Nuren Haider

Nuren Haider

Office And District
Orange County Commission Candidate District 1
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
Orange County Public Schools: Waterbridge Elementary, Southwest Middle School, and Cypress Creek High School as an IB program student. B.A. in Political Science with minors in Business Administration & Education from University of Florida and a Juris Doctorate from FAMU College of Law.
Current Occupation
Wife, Mother of 3 and Board Certified Attorney (I am not practicing during the campaign)
Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
I am very active with my cultural and religious communities, this inspired me to become affiliated with the Peace and Justice Institute, to volunteer with groups motivating children for higher education and cultural awareness. I have moderated a panel for the Southeast-Southwest People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference and the Environmental Law Symposium. I am an active alumni of FAMU Law School, currently volunteer with the Interfaith Council, my political party, and the LOWV.
What are the three top challenges facing the Orange County Commission? Briefly describe how you would address these challenges. (limit 150 words)
Although I do not have years of political experience, I have been blessed to have experienced life. Now more than ever we need a voice of progress who understand real world problems and has real solutions. Orange County residents need to feel safe above all else. This means to we need to pay our first responders what they deserve, guaranteeing we attract and keep the best and brightest police and fire rescue. We need to have smart growth and not growth for growth’s sake. We do this by creating a more inclusive and accessible government that hears the voice of a represents the voice of every resident. Finally make our public transportation system effective and efficient. We do this with a dedicated transportation budget. This would save tax dollars and end wasteful spending.
What is your experience working with large budgets, revenue shortfalls, and oversight? (limit 150 words)
My real life experience comes from working with small business in legal contracts, management, marketing, the construction industry, and most importantly being a mother.
What are three things “going right” for Orange County? How will you continue forward progress? (limit 150 words)
Orange County has a signature aesthetic that makes it one of the most beautiful places of earth to visit and live. We call Orlando “The City Beautiful”. People come from all over the world to visit our home for shopping, dining, attractions. This is also the place we work and live. We must preserve the environment that makes our home unique. While there are still issues, SunRail is putting us on the right track to making our transportation system efficient and effective. Most importantly, the best thing about Orange County is the diversity of our fellow residents who make up a melting pot of races, genders, religions, orientations, and abilities. In the past weeks we have proven to be people who lift each other up and look out for our neighbor as we do for ourselves. This seat in Orange County is not just mine, it is meaningful to all of us.
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(407) 850-8519