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Daisy Arus
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Daisy Arus

Daisy Arus

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Fiscal Officer
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
Graduate of
Valencia Community College
*Associates of Arts – General Studies
University of Phoenix
*Bachelors of Science – Business Management GPA 2.97 ending year 2005
Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
Active Member of
Florida State Notary Public
Florida Government Finance Officers Association (FGFOA)
Somerset Treasurer – Home Owner Association
Past Member of
Toastmasters Local Chapters
Environmental Protection Outreach
Hispanic Achievers
Hispanic Heritage Committee
Many others that were church and youth related
Why are you running? (limit 150 words)
I have been a government employee for twenty-three years and a citizen of Orange County. The growth within this community has kept me active and also dedicated. I am passionate about making a difference regardless of the many trials, tribulations, obstacles, ridicules, discouragements and invalidation because I’ve chosen to be a victor and not a victim. I embrace diversity and once I’m elected it will be a priority to rectify the current issues of selective preferences within the Clerk of Courts office.

My motto is Everyone Matters because truthfully they do; a public servant must be empathic and should service all equitably. Our government system can be effective and useful when the right elected officials prove to be good leaders. It is imperative to be knowledgeable and create a system that can be effective for the most common users while providing valuable and exceptional customer service. My voice is my credibility; being that I’ve worked in various departments within the Orange County organization it gives me leverage on knowing the financial flow structure of the governmental entities such as Judicial, Federal, State and Local agencies. My focus is taking into account the confidentially of all personal records that currently are being shifted to creditors for the purpose of self gain due to the adversities of others. My goal is to provide transparency and valuable serve to all the people because it is the people who elect us into office for that purpose.

What related experience would you bring to this office? (limit 150 words)
My work experiences within government has given me the opportunity to understand our system in its entirety not just from a legal stand point. The Clerk of Courts office is the Administration that handles all records in Orange County, in which 20 years out of my 23 years as a government employee, I’ve been a Certified State of Florida Records Coordinator. In addition, throughout my work experiences I’ve been fortunate to get a complete understanding of the flow of documentations from the point of origination, to execution throughout its process of resolutions or finalizations. There are various methods, processes that the Clerk of Courts must handle continuously and in conjunction with the multitude of agencies, the revenue flow consists of the 14 cities within Orange County, the Ninth Circuit Court, Federal Internal Revenue Services, and the State of Florida for the issuances of licenses, passports and many others. The knowledge and experience that I’ve possess in the many years I’ve worked in government has allowed me to understand the protocol and work hard and diligently as a leader within my community to help others understand it as well. My experiences, determination and passion to service my community isn’t for self gain or self worth but to be able to do for the people what the people from your community expect you to do. I will bring a new prospective, a different mindset or yet the idea of lead by example is a thought in which I would gladly live by for others.
Name the top three challenges facing the office. (limit 150 words)
These are the ones many people have made me aware that concerning:
1. Customer Service – rude staff
2. Surcharges and Fees are too high.
3.Verification of documentations – people are asked to go to and from places various and/or multiple times causing individuals to miss time off work.
4. Expediting documentations through the system for all matters
5. Proper Notifications to citizens for courts related matters
6. Operating Hours
7. Separate tired Law enforcement officers who worked long shifts from citizens
8. Trim the top layers – to many managers and supervisors and front line staff are under pay
9. Need for bilingual staff
10. Computer – Internent User Friendly for ALL
We can only base that these matters and issues are evident from a selected groups, word of mouth and some on-line reviews that people post.
How would you address these challenges? (limit 150 words)
With every challenge time and money is a factor and will need to be evaluated delicately and nothing can be changed over night; however
1. the hours of operation should be extended by alternating day and times with the other satellite office – options to allow staff to come at a later time and leave later on to be accessible to those individuals that can not afford to take time off work because they will not get paid or transportation to far
2. Verifications – Staff need to keep in mind and be a more sensible that people are there for a reason and if they do not have an answer we must make every effort to guide them correctly and not treat them like they are insignificant
3. Surcharges and Fees are imposed by the Clerk of Courts – this needs to be evaluated and respectfully removed for many individuals that meet the income criteria requirement guidelines so that it doesn’t impose more hardships upon these individuals that are trying to correct their matters.
4.Work closely with all those that are affected by the delegation of the paperwork flow in order to ensure everyone is handling the matters with consistency (Training might be a good mechanism in order to ensure everyone is understanding the processes)
5. Create a internal liiason office to facilitate specials needs – such as account managers
And all others will need to be evaluated to find cost effective but efficient ways of dealing and handling them and its compare with the current system that’s in place.
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