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Amy Mercado
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Amy Mercado

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House District 48
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Current Occupation
Director of Operations at the National Mango Board
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
I graduated High School from the Academy of Mt. St. Ursula in the Bronx, New York and continued my higher education as a non- traditional student while raising my children, caring for ailing grandparents and working multiple full-time jobs.

In 2004, I graduated from American Intercontinental University with Cum Laude honors and received a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a concentration in Management. I am currently pursuing an Executive MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University.

Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
Field Manager for Tiffany Moore Russell for Orange County Clerk of Court
Campaign Manager for Ricardo Rangel, House District 43
Campaign Manager for Victor M. Torres, House District 48
Florida Elector for President Barack Obama
Former Chairwoman of the Orange County DEC
Former President of the Orange County Democratic Hispanic Caucus
Former Interim Secretary of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement’s Central Florida Chapter
Former Secretary of the Florida Council of the League of United Latin American Citizens
Former Board Member of Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando
Former Democratic Candidate for Florida House District 35 vs. Speaker of the Florida House, Dean Cannon
HCCMO member
SHRM member
Florida Voters League member
Please describe your positions on the legislative responsibility for protecting the public interest in the Education, Health Care and Criminal Justice systems. Do you have any specific proposals to improve these systems? (limit 150 words)
Education- As a mother of 6 children, I have personally experienced the effects high stakes testing has on our kids. Our children deserve a fully funded education that considers their learning potential, not a state-mandated test.

Healthcare- I strongly believe we need to expand access to high quality, affordable health care, delivered by healthcare practitioners who possess the appropriate level of training and oversight. As a former healthcare provider, I have seen first-hand the life and death decisions providers and patients have to make every single day.

Criminal Justice system – We need substantive reforms in our criminal justice system to prevent recidivism and allow offenders to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society. This can be accomplished by providing adequate services that include long term addiction and mental health treatment.

Over 500,000 working poor Florida citizens remain without health insurance. Would you support tapping federal dollars to cover these people? If not, what kind of plan do you support? (limit 150 words)
I am a working mom of 6 children, a caretaker to my ailing grandparents, and I have spent my entire life doing what’s best for those around me. That’s why in the early 2000’s I was working two jobs, one as healthcare provider and one as legal secretary, to help my family make ends meet.

As a previous healthcare provider, I know firsthand that people can’t afford to get sick. I understand doing what’s best for us means fighting for affordable healthcare so working families don’t have to choose between life-saving medication and paying for rent.

This means we definitely need to tap federal dollars to expand Medicaid in Florida. These funds will allow over 800,000 people the opportunity to get much needed healthcare coverage.

An estimated 300,000 people died from gun violence between 2004 and 2014. Here at home in Orlando, the June 12 nightclub shooting saw 49 people killed, and 50 more wounded. Do you support or oppose a state ban on assault weapons and/or more thorough background checks? (limit 150 words)
As the daughter of two law enforcement officers, I support a state ban on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition. I also support the expansion of background checks. It is imperative that we ensure the safety of all Floridians and close loopholes that allow these types of military style weapons from getting into the hands of people who are unstable.
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(407) 484-2814