Candidate Name
  Cynthia Harris
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Cynthia Harris

Educational Background (limit 75 words)
  University of Central Florida B.S. Criminal Justice 
Valencia Community College, A.A. Criminal Justice
Internship, Department of Corrections
Current Occupation
  Social Worker
Civic Organizations (limit 75 words)
  Black Advisory Committee (Valencia College), Orange County Democratic Executive Committee, Vice President Central Florida PAL(Police Athletic League), Malibu Groves HOA, Black Democratic Caucus, VCC Alumini, UCF Alumni
What are the three top challenges facing the Orlando City Council? Briefly describe how you would address these challenges. (limit 150 words)
  For the residents of District 5, the conversation has been around crime and perception of crime, stimulating economic development primarily on the West side, bringing some additional commercial retail shopping so that the residents aren’t forced to go outside of the area to spend their tax dollars as well as better transportation. Crime- I am a firm advocate of Community Policing if the Police and residents are able to communicate effectively with one another it would bridge the gap in reducing tension. Economic development- if we can identify corporations who are willing to invest in bringing fair living wage jobs and train employees who would normally not meet the criteria for employment this will match the growth of the venues that lie within the city. Transportation-we need to put more money in transit routes on the West side so that people can get to work without incident. This is a major obstacle for residents both able and disabled
What is your experience working with large budgets, revenue shortfalls, and oversight? (limit 150 words)
  Working with non-profits requires you to stay within millions of dollars in large grant budgets. As a former Housing Program Manager, you are required to stay within the perimeters of HUD guidelines and justify every dollar of spending during each annual audit. There were times when oversights gone slightly over in housing payments due to inflation of rental properties or high demand of housing that was over the fair market rent guidelines but they were real time situations that could easily be identified and justified. We learn from these incidents and make adjustments accordingly.
What are three things “going right” for Orlando? How will you continue forward progress? (limit 150 words)
  Infrastructure such as roads, sidewalks, curbs, sewers and parks are slowly moving forward for our City we must continue make sure our budget continues to fund these projects and stay up to date with current technology. Diversity is also a factor in the City Beautiful. We witnessed how much a City could come together no matter who you are during the Pulse Tragedy. We are a work in Progress, however this city has shown how resilient we can be when needed. a step to moving forward. We now have 4 new schools and will soon have UCF Creative Village. Most of our schools are STEM schools and with the new technology and the hiring of new teachers, our children can look forward to reaching new heights.
How do you propose to increase civic engagement? (limit 150 words)
  Transparency- We must make sure we make available resources and information through both technology as well as go back to snail mail for our older residents who are not so tech-savvy. 
Co-oping- When people are allowed to participate through community involvement and a feeling of belonging it’s not hard to have a unified community. We have not had that in District 5 and I want everyone everywhere to feel included no matter who they are. Democracy is what makes us who we are Community meetings with immediate information enables citizens to shape public policies and public actions that affect their everyday lives. Currently public input has fallen on deaf ears. It’s time to change that.
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  (407) 502-7732