Candidate Name
Orley Burey
Candidate Photo
Orley Burey

Orley Burey

For what position are you running?
Circuit Judge
Which Group?
9th Circuit, Group 4
Educational Background (limit 75 words)
Barry School of Law, Orlando – JD (Grad 2004)
College of Insurance, Malvern PA – CPCU Designation (1992)
Mercy College, New York – BSc Accounting
Current Occupation
Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor)
Civic Organizations
Orange County Bar Association
Operation Reachback Central Florida (mentorship for youth in need)
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Kissimmee
Former School Board Chairman of Beryl Wisdom School, Orange County
Describe your philosophy of the judicial role, the qualities that are most important for the role, and the greatest challenges to the role.
Philosophy – The judicial role requires fairness, integrity, honesty without bias.
Most Important Qualities – Thorough knowledge of the Law, an understanding of how the court system works, the ability to treat everyone fairly, while applying the Law accurately.
Greatest Challenge – Having an understanding of the multiple diverse cultures that live in our community that may appear before the judge in court, and applying the Law with fairness regardless of culture or ethnicity.
Briefly describe a case or a legal issue on which you worked of which you are particularly proud, or is reflective of your legal ability and work. (limit 150 words)
Out of tens of thousands of cases Mr. Burey has handled that he wishes to list are one where he tried a case involving multiple burglaries and victimizing seniors in a specific community, he got a guilty verdict and the offenders were sentenced , bringing safety back to that community. And, the second, he tried a case involving sexual abuse on some minors, again the offenders were found guilty, and sentenced.
What, in your opinion, is the most important U. S. Supreme Court decision? Why? (limit 150 words)
Brown versus Board of Education – desegregation of the public school system, a Civil Rights milestone.
What do you perceive as the greatest obstacles to justice, if any? Why? (limit 150 words)
Under-representation in the judicial system, and lack of positive role model in a person’s experience. This is leading to a growing lack of trust in the judicial system by the citizenry of the community, with some feeling that they are unfairly treated when they come before the courts.
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Orley Burey for Judge
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(321) 222-7938